Interesting Flickr Effect

I post photos to my blog via Flickr. It is super easy to do and automatically takes care of scaling the images and providing a link to hi-res versions on Flickr.


At CES I took a phone cam pic of the “hockey puck” Windows Home Server prototype and posted it via my blog (this post).


Today I noticed that a bunch of people on Flickr discovered the photo and have commented on it. One person even marked the photo as a “favorite”. I think this is interesting, not only because the comments are so enthusiastic about the design, but because these people likely discovered the photo through Fickr and NOT my blog. It was intriguing enough to them to click through to it.

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  1. Sure, that’s what I love about Flickr. It’s functionalities (think tagging, searching, grouping, comments, notes) make it extremely cool for people to interact with each other.

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