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In 50 words or less: What the 2nd Amendment Means to you

Gun Digest ran an essay contest in 1964:  In 50 words or less write what the Right to Bear Arms means to you. The winner would get an all expense paid hunting safari to Africa. I had known my father (Charles E. “Ted” Kindel) had won this contest when I was a kid but didn’t really know the details. All the family knew was that it was an essay contest in “some gun magazine”, that …Continue reading

Kindl. Kindel. Kindle.

Back before the invention of the printing press my great, great, great grandfather came to the United States from Bavaria. His name was August Kindl. At Ellis Island the immigration officials added the ‘e’…hence my family’s name. We pronounce it Kindl.  Not Kind-el. Kindl translates to "child" in Bavarian. Those who know me well will find this fitting. Amazon recently launched their Kindle reading device. Pronounced the same way as my last name. I find …Continue reading

10 years ago I had hair. I and I loved COM.

Somewhere Henk de Koning unearthed a video of me taken 10 years ago yesterday touting The Component Object model.  Back then I was "the COM guy" and I had hair. Egads. "Don blogged about a video of Gudge explaining COM. This reminded me of an old video I found while cleaning up my office. I promised Don to digitize and publish it. So, here it is. Charlie Kindel on the wonderful world of COM. recorded …Continue reading