Polar Bears Rock

My daughter’s 10 year-old soccer team (the Polar Bears) is playing for the championship tomorrow! Three weeks ago they started the tournament loosing their second game and going into the bottom bracket of 16 teams (it’s a double-elimination tourney). For the past three weeks they have played incredibly hard and after winning two games today have emerged out of the bottom bracket to face the only team left in the top bracket tomorrow.
Because the other team has not lost any games, and it’s a double-elimination tourney, we have to beat them twice tomorrow.

I am so incredibly proud of these girls.

Update: 11/16 – They lost the first game of the championship 0-1. They played hard, but the other team got a good goal and we couldn’t get it back. In true form, the girls cheered their 2nd place achievement and skipped across the field singing Smash Mouth’s All Star on their way to pick up their medals.


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    There should be more soccer in US schools not just basketball or baseball or so callled American football

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    Soccer is amazing and every kid should try it! If ya don’t yur missin out in life!

    From the team member

    MAlia Soccer is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

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