Source Control

Tonight I moved my source code out from the under the control of Visual Source Safe to Source Gear Vault. Even though I’m a single developer I really like having all my source stored in a source control system. It allows me to have “undo”, to be able to go back and build/update old versions of products, and ensures I have everything in a single place that can easily be backed up.

VSS is a good product, but I have had one database corruption (thankfully I had it backed up), and I have been thinking about switching to something “more modern” for a while. I came across Vault and decided to check it out. I worked with Eric long ago when I was working on IE 3.0 and the HTML 3.2 OBJECT tag and he seemed like a good/smart guy. His writings on software development are spot on IMHO.

Vault comes with a Visual Source Safe Import tool that worked very well. It worked as advertised. I also found the VS.NET IDE integration worked as expected.

And now my backup procedure is just another command in my SQL Server backup schedule. Backups happen in a fraction of the time ntbackup took backing up the VSS database.

Oh, and Vault is free for single users!

Good stuff. Highly recommended.

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