A few weeks back Scott posted about MaxiVista. I had just multi-mon at work with 2 DELL 20” LCDs using DVI and was loving it. I also had a 19” LCD on my desk I used for my server machines via a KVM switch. I thought it would be cool to somehow use the 3rd monitor in my multi-mon setup, but adding another video card to my main machine was questionable. MaxiVista to the rescue!

This killer little app is kinda like a light weight verison of terminal services. A video driver is installed on your main machine and a little daemon app is installed on the other machine. The video driver remotes the calls over to the other machine via the network. It works REALLY well. Using a 100mbps network I can even watch video on the 3rd monitor (it’s a abit choppy). But standard desktop stuff works very, very, very well.

On a GigE network…

At home I have only a single 19” LCD. Now I have my old Sony F290 laptop with it’s nice 15” screen sitting next to my LCD monitor acting as a 2nd display. I love it!

Also, I have found that Ultramon is a great utility for managing multiple displays.

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