Peking Duck

Last night our hosts took us out to dinner at a Peking Duck restraunt here in Beijing where we had some amazing Chinese fare, including Peking duck. I sampled duck tongue (yuk), duck liver pâté (yum), an amazing orange peel cod dish, and more.

The first picture is the disgusting duck tongue. Makes me ill just looking at the picture! 🙂 I will pretty much try anything. Once. And there are not many foods I do not enjoy. This was an exception.

The second picture is the delicious orange peel cod. I had eaten orange peel chicken many times in the States, but never a fish dish. It was a beautiful presentation and was yummy.

The last picture is me helping our server slice up the Peking Duck. Not sure why the server was wearing a mask.

After dinner we went to a bar. There was a live band playing American rock & roll. All I wanted was a Chinese Beer (Tseng Tao). They were out of it. All they had was Carona. I could not believe that I was all the way over in China and the only beer I could get was the worst Mexican beer ever brewed. But we had a great time:-).

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