Enthusiast Geeks

I’ve been thinking a lot about technical enthusaists lately. And I’m really struggling with it. The problem is I’m a super-hard-core technical enthusiast. Probably close to as hard core as you can get. And I know many, many people just like me. This makes me biased. Add to that the fact that I work for Microsoft and live technology.

I should get it out front that I believe “geek“ is synonymous for “technical enthusiast”. Some people (my sister) think geek is a pejorative; it is not. 

Here’s what I want to know:

How many technical enthusiasts are there in the world? And will the product ideas I’m thinking about be appealing enough to them to cause a purchase?

This raises the question: What exactly do I mean by “technical enthusiast”? So I need to create a taxonomy starting with the broadest definition:

One who enjoys learning about and using technology to improve their life.

Anyone got a beef with that definition?

If you have thoughts on this please post them as comments. I will post more thoughts later…


Debate this topic with me:

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