Tipping cows

I heard a silly discussion on the radio (Ken Schram…sigh) this morning about a bunch of poeple in the blogsphere up in arms about tipping baristas at Starbucks.  Inane.

While I was listening to this I was buying my latte at Jitters (I hate Starbucks; their coffee is too boring; they are the McDonalds of coffee) I had to laugh. The tip cup had a little sign on it:

Tipping: Good for us, bad for the cows.

And, yes, I tipped the barista.


  1. http:// says:


    This must be an American thing because I have been sitting here in my office in sunnay Australia for an HOUR trying to work out why this is funny! I am saddened to admit that I just dont get it, so can you PLEASE explain it to me: its driving me crazy… !



  2. http:// says:


    Not that I condone such activity, of course.


  3. http:// says:

    You should, because its great fun…errrrr….so I have heard.

    Thanks though, I can sleep easy now!



  4. Shawn says:

    And though we *never* did this in Texas, I heard the folks up in Oklahoma used to go tipping as football practice… Make sure the bulls are in a seperate pasture, and it ain’t "breedin’ time" if you ever do this…B-)

  5. gene says:

    cows are fat and so are we you may say you are not a but you are

  6. http:// says:

    thats bad so ya’ll need to stop but it is kinda funny

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