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South ViewAccording to the press release, “…Dilbert’s Ultimate House”(DUH). DUH is a virtual web-based home that the famous icon of the workplace Dilbert, his fans, tech geeks, the environmentally conscious, and those who just plain love the comfort of a good sofa, will covet.”

He’s got a pretty clean looking wiring closet, but what kind of home server is that? And why does he still have all those magnetic tapes (or are they CD’s…not that it matters)? If he had reliable storage in his home server he could have just stored them there. 

On a slightly more (but not really) serious note, The Inquirer (yes I sometimes view it, but I just look at the pictures) has a critical review of DUH. I tend to agree with most of what the author says.

[Update: Fixed The Inquirer URL.]

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  1. http:// says:

    Looks like the Inquirer link got a bit chopped off in the posting process. Perhaps it’s for the better… "The Inquirer: We Pad half-rumors with 3 paragraphs of fluff and call it an article!"

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