Bluetooth GPS, Smartphone, Channel9, Oh My!

Channel9 has posted a wicked-cool video of Alex Kipman demoning using Visual Studio to write slick SmartPhone app that talks to both the GPS and MapPoint via a web-service.

Who says Microsoft can’t innovate? What other platform provides anywhere near the richness and integration across devices?!?!

I purchased my Pharos GPS reciever as part of buying Microsoft Streets & Trips 2005. I bought it at the Microsoft Company Store for a silly low price (you can get it for ~$100).

However it does not come with the Bluetooth Dock; heck, until I watched this video I did not even know there was a Bluetooth Dock for it.

For that, I just (litterly 5 minutes ago) went to and ordered one for $84.26.

I’m going to have fun playing with this on my Audiovox SmartPhone and DELL Insipron 8600 notebook (which I should also get this week) after the lifts close at Copper Mountain where the condo I’ll be staying at has wifi.

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