Blobservations: Windows Server, Home Edition

Rick Hallihan presents a really nice vision of what a Windows based home server would look like in Blobservations: Windows Server, Home Edition.

At my house I use Windows Server 2003 to manage all of my client PCs. For example I can easily change all machine’s IE security settings (and prevent my kids from changing them back) centrally via Group Policy. Today there are some problems with this in the home, namely some really cool features in the client OS’s don’t work right when joined to a domain such as Fast User Switching and Media Center Extenders. But if you can live with those limitations this setup rocks.

I agree with Rick that Microsoft should build such a product!



  1. midosm says:

    MCE Extenders do not work in a 2003 server environment? Can you view content on a MCE machine joined to a domain on another XP Machine?

  2. http:// says:

    I have a Windows 2003 Server at home too – Small Business Version. It’s a good package. VPN, Server, remote access, exchange and pop connector for external ISP pop accounts.

    It works great. I have email for myself and family. I use exchange server side rules to with SSL IMAP for my treo.

    Media center pc’s can’t join a domain but they can access exchange for email. Inability to join a domain does limit things.

    I also run a terminal server which is great for the kids doing there homework on any old pc off the central server. I run raid disk on the server and back it up. Outlook web access is great too. I run 2gb email accounts for everyone.

    Mind you, my brother calls me a virtual hummer of the internet.

  3. midosm: The issue with MCX devices is not with Windows Server 2003 itself, but with Active Directory. If an MCE machine is joined to an Active Directory domain then Fast User Switching will not work (because FUS is not supported on domain joined machines). The MCX support in MCE 2005 depends on FUS. Thus MCX devices won’t work for domain joined MCE 2005 boxes.

  4. Steve says:

    Shame the MS Fingerprint Reader doesn’t really play ball yet with domain-lead systems.

    I’ve sew up many areas where my kids can do damage, but of with security comes the dent in Wife Acceptance Factor.

    I’m not looking for DoD level security. I just want to make sure than my kids and wife don’t call me for password resets 🙂

  5. http:// says:

    You probably can F*UK M$ and put your WMC 2005 into domain. Read the following:

    and enjoy!!!

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