MindManager feature request

Here’s a feature request for the team at MindJet responsible for the fantastic MindManager X5 product I wrote about last week; presented as a mind map of course!



  1. Ray D says:

    I just played around with this a bit. I was able to sort of achieve what you’re looking for (I think). I saved a PowerPoint presentation outline, which saves as RTF. I opened the RTF file in Word and saved it as a DOC file (because MM gags when trying to open an RTF file). I then opened the DOC file in MM to create a map of the presentation.

    Give it a try. 🙂

  2. You might find something useful via this link:


    Steve Rindsberg wrote a VBA macro for exporting outlines from PowerPoint. I would imagine that this would be importable to your mind map program.

    If not, it could be imported to BrainStorm (free 30-day trial) and then, depending on your mind-mapper, written to the clipboard and pasted into your mind map program.

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