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Here’s a pic I took this morning in the Microsoft booth at CES of the Windows Home Server powered HP MediaSmart device.

I put my latte next to it so you might be able to appreciate the diminutive size of the device…it’s much smaller than it looks in most pictures. Roughly 9″ tall.

Originally uploaded by ckindel.
The second pic is of the demo station for Windows Home Server. The picture being displayed on the screen on the right (via an Xbox 360 streaming photos from Windows Home Server) is of my nephew Graham.

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  1. Jaak Ennuste says:

    HP has very little value in this product. only media server and administration software

    makes it different from other entry-level SOHO servers. But in this area, MS hat a lot to

    catch up.

    I’ve tried and tested at my home several MS media server solutions, starting from Media

    Connect 2.0 and Media Player 11, which has Media Connect 3.0 in his belly.

    Problem with MS media servers is that they are really slow and resource (CPU and

    RAM) demanding. Forget runing them on old Celeron PC, beefed up with large HDD as

    home server. Music interrupts and navigating in huge collections is pain

    My favourite media server, having tried many, is TwonkyMedia from TwonkyVision. Good

    navigation help thanks to Artist Index and Album Index, plus small footprint.


    More on this topic: http://jacksgadgets.blogspot.com/

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