Stop Digital Amnesia SWAG

Stop Digital Amnesia SWAG
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Have you checked out yet? I know in my first post I had a typo in the URL (thanks Mark for fixing it remotely for me!).

My marketing team (and the vendors who helped them) have a great sense of humor. The Dr. is very well cast, the text is hilarious, and I personally think the whole thing gets the customer promises we are making with Windows Home Server really clear.

Here at CES we’re handing out several peices of SWAG (Stuff We All Get) relating to Stop Digital Amnesia as well. In the picture:

Rubber bracelets. On one side they read and if you reverse them they say Windows Home Server.

Little first aid kits with the good Dr. on the cover. Inside are real medical supplies (aspirin, band aids, etc…). Slick.
Brochures with more hilarity from the Dr.

I love SWAG (you should see my office at work…I have so much old SWAG that I have several moving boxes that I don’t even bother to open anymore when we move offices).

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