Cheesburger Brown…rediscovered

Those of you paying attention will remember Cheesburger Brown. He’s an insanely talented sci-fi author and artist who, two years ago, penned Simon of Space as well as Darth Vader’s blog. Simon of Space was originaly written in the form of a daily serial where each chapter was posted as blog entry every day. When he was posting it, checking for new chapters was a seriously important part of my daily routine. It has since been picked up and published as a true novel. Read it online or buy the book; just do it. 

And go read The Darth Side too.

Any-hoo, I got distracted and lost track of Cheeseburger Brown (not his real name), until the other day. Turns out he’s been as prolific in his writing as always. I am playing catch up by reading his current sci-fi novella The Bikes of New York. Every few days he posts a new chapter. Since it’s in blog format you can subscribe with an RSS reader. 

On his Free Stories page I’m shocked to find all the material he’s churned out since the last time I checked. I’ve put them all in my RSS reader so when I need a distraction I can read something other than Engadget :-).

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