I’ve always been a huge fan of Robert Ludlum. I started reading his books when I was in middle school. I don’t think the Bourne trilogy are his best works.

I think The Osterman Weekend was my favorite.

But with the Bourne Ultimatum coming out as a movie this week I felt I needed to go back and re-read the series. I frankly do not remember if I ever watched the first two movies or not. But I know I want to see the latest one but I do not want it to “spoil” the books. Hence I must re-read them first.

Today I finished The Bourne Supremacy.  Classic Ludlum with great texture, a thick plot, and an ending that is just a bit too tidy. Good stuff though.

Now off to the used bookstore to buy The Bourne Identity. I thought I had ALL Ludlum books in my library in hard back, but I can’t find Identity or Ultimatum… Hmmm…

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