Windows Home Server is actually useful!

Today, instead of being the GM for Windows Home Server, I was simply a user…

For the last two weeks my wife has been giving me the gears because the voicemail attachements from Vonage refused to play in Outlook on her computer.

It was one of those weird software problems that defied logic.  All other types of attachments opened fine. I could send her an email with a .wav file attached and it would play fine.  Opening her mailbox on another PC worked great. But the .wav files from Vonage refused to work on her computer.

I uninstalled Office and re-isntalled it.  No joy.

"Ahhh…", I said to myself, "why am I wasting my time on this when I have this product running in my house that is supposed to save time?".  Duh.

So I booted her computer from the Windows Home Server Restore CD, choose a backup from just over two weeks ago, and went and put the lights on the Christmas tree.

About 40 minutes later I went back in the Kitchen and the process was done and I exited the wizard. Her machine booted, I fired up Outlook and played one of those .wav file attachments just fine.

Talk about holiday joy! 🙂


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