Kindle Support

Amazon continues to impress me. This time it is their customer service. This week CJ somehow (he claims he has no idea how it happened…Really!?!?) broke the screen on the original Kindle I had handed-down to him. It was completely toast.

At the same time I realized that my Kindle 2 was not working right in sunlight. The text on the screen would appear faded if there was direct sunlight on it. Covering a portion of the page with a shadow while the screen repainted would cause that portion to be super clear while the rest was faded.  I checked the Amazon forums and found this is a known issue with some Kindle’s.  Julie’s Kindle 2 does not have this problem.

So I called Amazon’s customer support # and within 5 minutes had an email from Amazon with return shipping stickers and the knowledge that a replacement original (refurbished) Kindle and a new Kindle 2 was on the way.  Since the original is out of warrantee I have to pay $180 for the replacement, but I think that’s totally worth it.

I didn’t have to wait on hold, the support agent spoke perfect English, and had great customer support skills. So Amazon’s Kindle support is another reason why I love

Next up: My new Kindle DX should arrive in the next week (I have a shipping confirmation that says I’ll get it June 12. I’ll post my findings.

[Update: 6/12/2009 Fixed links]

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