Back on Twitter

On April 4, 2007 I got on twitter to check it out. I didn’t see the value and bailed. Then in June of 2008 I gave it another try.  At that time I was using @ckindel and I bounced between it being private and public.  My use of twitter finally settled into one where I was only tweeting between a small (15-20) group of pretty close friends who I knew I could trust.  We use twitter mostly as a private IM channel.  Sometime back then I switched to another twitter account that is and will always be private, leaving @ckindel hanging.

Well this week @ckindel is resurrected. For the last year (almost exactly one year ago) I have been “head’s down” in my job. But over the next few months we’ll be lifting our heads up and shouting about what we’ve been working on and a big part of my job will be to “participate in those conversations” (borrowing from Scoble).

My follow count is pretty weak right now.  38 followers and several of those are my own accounts. I’m curious how quickly (or if it’ll ever happen) that the numbers get big. I guess it depends on whether what I’ve been working on is any good…

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