What to do With Your Old Kindle

We now have quite the collection of various generation Amazon Kindle Book Readers in our household. I purchased the original the day Amazon announced it and have purchased at least one of every subsequent model.  Today I ordered one of each of the new Kindle Touch, Kindle Touch 3G, and Kindle Fire.  I’m sure my wife will want a Kindle Fire as well so that will up the number we have between the four of us to 8 or 9.

What to do with the old ones? Keep them as backups? Give them to friends?

No.  I’m donating the Kindle 2s and Kindel 3s to E-Books For Troops, a non-profit who’s Kindles for Troops (K4T) program!  What a great offering!  More information from their website:

Kindles for Troops (K4T) is a terrific program that enables you to donate your pre-owned Kindle reader to a soldier who is deployed overseas.  It is ideal for someone who wants to put their existing Kindle 2 to good use as they upgrade to a newer third-generation Kindle Wi-Fi or Kindle 3G, or for someone who wants to directly donate a Kindle 3 reader

Note they don’t accept the 1st generation Kindle devices or Kindle DXs…

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  1. M3 Sweatt says:

    Ours are slated to go to Seattle Children’s Hospital. AFAIK, they will accept older Kindles.

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