MCE Controller supports the Windows key

MCE Controller, allows you to simulate a press of any button on the Windows Media Center IR remote control by sending a text command to a TCP/IP port on your Media Center computer. For example if MCE Controller receives the string “mypictures” it will tell Media Center to go to the “My Pictures” page.

I wrote this app in back in ~2003 for my own use so I could integrate Media Center with my Crestron system in my home. It’s worked beautifully for how I use it since.  I haven’t touched the code since 2005.

Every once and a while I get a message from a user of MCE Controller with a question and it’s gratifying to hear others use it.

Today the question was: “Can I simulate a ‘Windows’ key keypress, such as ‘Windows-P’?”

The answer is “Well, looking at the source on Sourceforge, I see that I did implement support for the Windows key. Setting ‘Win=”true”’ in a command should work.  Like this:

<SendInput Cmd=”winp” key=”p” Win=”true” />

You can find more of my posts on MCE Controller here.


  1. wow… blast from the past! 🙂

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