Prevent another SOPA

Yay. “We” beat SOPA. It snuck up on us but we activated and used our superpowers to defeat it (yes, I contacted my reps & I blacked out cek.log on the 18th).

But ask yourself this:

How in the frak are these idiots in office at all?

The only way to prevent another SOPA is to ensure that we all remember who pushed this thing through, were idiotic about it, and finally caved only under enormous pressure. Next time they are up for election ensure they don’t get elected

Next time you vote, remember this crap and if your senator or representative was involved: VOTE FOR THE OTHER GUY. And get engaged to ensure he/she’s strong contender.


  1. joely says:

    The problem isn’t our representatives, per se, it’s the money they have to get to be re-elected. This is a meta-issue. Sure we have to rise up (all too often I might add) and warp the space-time continuum to get their attention for a particular vote. But @lessig really is on the right wavelength. Check it out.

  2. Gus Soden says:

    It will also help if we limit the power of the federal government.  There’s less to corrupt when it has less power.  We can do this simply by following the Constitution.

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