Eye-Fi: Shockingly Great Customer Service

I try to write blog post whenever I encounter truly great customer service. I think it’s important to call out companies who clearly get it; those who provide Shockingly Great Customer Service.

I have owned Eye-Fi cards since they came out. Last year I highlighted them in my annual gadget gift guide.

Wi-Fi should be built into every camera. But it’s not. With Eye-Fi we simply ensure the camera is turned on after taking pictures: within minutes all of the photos are on the computer ready for processing.

Yesterday morning I broke the write protect tab off the Eye-Fi Pro|X2 card.

I sent an email to support@eye.fi saying

I own 3 eye-fi cards.  My Pro x2 8GB+Wi-Fi card’s write protect switch has broken off and the card is now stuck in read-only mode.

Can I get this replaced?

Almost immediately I got a request back asking me for proof of purchase to verify it was still under warranty. I sent them a screenshot from Amazon.com’s order history page. I had purchased the card in 2010 and the Eye-Fi warranty is for 12 months. I figured I was out of luck.

This morning I got the following response:

I would like to replace your defective Eye-Fi card.

I had hoped Eye-Fi would take care of me. One could argue that the design of the write-protect switch is not the greatest. Given the way most companies treat customers I was skeptical.

Eye-Fi has proven to me that they provide Shockingly Great Customer Service. Not only do their products kick-ass but so does their support.

Buy one of their products with confidence:

Eye-Fi Connect X2 4 GB Class 6 SDHC Wireless Flash Memory Card EYE-FI-4CNEye-Fi 8 SDHC Class 6 Wireless Memory Card

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  1. SLR Coaching says:

    I’ve broken the pins on mine so I’m hoping they give me the same service!

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