Goodbye GitHub: MCE Controller now on CodePlex

I love git. I love GitHub. But GitHub doesn’t seem to appreciate open source projects that require hosting more than source code.

MCE Controller is an open source Windows app intended to be used by non-developers. This means it has an installer, online documentation, and requires a discussion forum for support for end users.

GitHub never really provided great support for this kind of project. For example, there is no forum/discussion feature (although some claim you can use their bug/issue tracker for this). GitHub used to support the ability to host downloadable files such as installers, but a few weeks ago they removed that support.

So MCE Controller has been moved to CodePlex which has nice support for all these things.

In the process I’ve created an updated release, Version 1.8.1, that includes links to the new resources as well as a few bug fixes.

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  1. David says:

    Charlie – Sorry if this isn’t the correct method for asking about your MCE Controller, but I downloaded for use iRule acting as a remote for XBMC running on Win7. When I launch the program it appears in systray, when I click on it a text window appears saying empty array and it failed the check for updates step. When I right-click on the systray icon I can see settings, but the pgm itself doesn’t seem to be running.

    All I’m wanting to do is send ‘c’, ‘left mouse button’ and ‘right mouse button’ commands from iRule buttons.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

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