MCE Controller V2 Released

MCE Controller 2.0

I spent some time the last few weekends hacking on a product I first developed in 2004: MCE Controller.

MCE Controller lets you control a Windows Home Theater PC (or any PC) over the network. It runs in the background listening on the network (or serial port) for commands. It then translates those commands into actions such as keystrokes, text input, and the starting of programs. Any remote control, home control system, or application that can send text strings via TCP/IP or a serial port can use MCE Controller to control a Windows PC.

Why? Because I’m insane. And because I needed a distraction to blow off some steam. This tweet-storm explains:

What? A major refresh of almost all aspects.

The key feature is my home control system now has an additional room occupancy sensor: My PC.

The theory is “If the PC is being used the room is occupied”. In practice this works by having MCE Controller monitor mouse and keyboard activity and when detected, send a message to a Control4 driver over the LAN.

Where? Read more details and download it here:

Debate this topic with me:

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