is no longer at home has been hosted on my home network since 1996. Today, I finally moved it to a modern web platform. This includes migrating an OG Active Server Pages (pre .NET) & SQL Server app I wrote in 1997 for decoding Porsche option codes

By doing this I finally got to turn port 80/443 off on my home network. It’s been bugging me for a long time because it’s a really bad practice as it makes the home network a target for cyber attacks. But that Porsche Option Decoder app has been so popular for so long that I couldn’t just shut it down.

The new site is hosted as an Azure Static Web App using Hugo. The Porsche Option Decoder was re-implemented as an Azure Function using C# instead of ASP and vbscript. The database is simply a flat JSON queried with LINQ. SQL Server was massive overkill, but I did it that way because I actually built the thing in order to learn SQL.

After being alive with 99.9999% uptime for 24 years has a lot of inbound links in Google/Bing search results. I’m still tracking them down and building redirects. And I have some theming/formatting yet to do, and some content I know people use is not in place, but it’s basically done. Yay.

Note, I’m talking about here, not my blog at; that’s been hosted on for many years. They do a great job.

I’d love any feedback on the new site. Comment below or @ me on twitter.

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