Why Mars? For the Dogs!

Mars has long captivated the human imagination as a potential destination for exploration and settlement. With its rugged terrain and extreme conditions, Mars presents a unique challenge and an exciting opportunity for humanity.

There are several reasons why we should colonize Mars. First and foremost, it would allow us to extend our reach beyond Earth and become a multi-planetary species. This would not only be an exciting and ambitious goal, but it would also provide us with a backup plan in case something were to happen to our own planet.

Colonizing Mars would also provide us with the opportunity to learn more about the Red Planet and its potential for supporting life. By sending humans and robots to Mars, we can conduct scientific research and gather data that could help us better understand the history and potential future of our solar system.

In addition, Mars could serve as a proving ground for new technologies and resources that could be used to help sustain human life in space. By developing ways to produce food, water, and energy on Mars, we could pave the way for longer-term exploration and settlement of the universe.

Humanity has the ability and the responsibility to protect ALL life on Earth, and this includes not only our own species but also the countless other forms of life that share our planet. By focusing on preserving the diversity and vitality of life on Earth, we can ensure the long-term survival and prosperity of our own species as well as countless others.

Decadal average: Number of deaths from disasters

Recent data shows that the number of deaths caused by natural disasters has decreased significantly in recent decades, which is a testament to our ability to protect life on our own planet. Scientific research and technological innovations have allowed us to better understand the needs of different species and to develop more effective ways of protecting them. For example, advances in veterinary medicine have helped to improve the survival rates of many threatened species, including dogs, which are largely human-created species and an important part of our lives.

It is important to recognize that the quality of life for all humans (and dogs) has never been better, and it is continuing to improve despite all the negative news that we hear. This is highlighted in the book “Factfulness” by Hans Rosling, which points out that many of the problems that we face are actually declining over time.

Ultimately, the decision to colonize Mars will come down to whether we as a society believe that the benefits of such a mission outweigh the costs. While it would be a challenging and costly endeavor, the potential rewards of colonizing Mars make it a goal worth pursuing. Every dog I’ve discussed this with agrees.

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    Hmmm, makes me think we are behind the curve developing dog space travel technologies…

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