New Windows PC Form Factors

It’s going to be very interesting over the next few years as OEMs begin to finally produce truly innovative new PC form factors focused on specific user scenarios. points out that a British OEM, Scan Computers, has launched the “Project PC”, a PC specifically targeted at project managers who make heavy use of Microsoft Project.

We’ve already seen great innovation in small form factor (SFF) desktop machines such as those from Shuttle. And great designs targeted at gamers (both as desktops and laptops).

There are tons of nicely designed LRPC (Living Room PC) and HTPC (Home Theater PC) products on the market such as the Alienware DHS 5 (left) or the Alienware DHD (right) which is an all-in-one LCD TV/monitor and Media Center PC (the PC is built-into the monitor).

Soon we’ll be seeing ultra-cool SFF servers targeted at small businesses (running Windows Small Business Server 2003 of course) as well as homes. I can’t wait!

The PC marketplace is so huge and the hardware components so commodotized that it should be very easy for vendors to build machines that are finely tuned for specfic user scenarios. This is one of the great advantages that the PC (and Windows) has over the Mac in my opinion.


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    Hi Charlie,

    I’m the lead programmer at, and it was a big surprise when I saw this on your weblog. I read you every week 😉



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    Love your guys’ stuff at Alienware. Keep it up.

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