Polar Bears are one game away

I coach my daughter’s soccer team (11 year olds) in the Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association (LWYSA). The team name is the Polar Bears and these girls are amazing!

I am blessed to have such a great bunch of girls on the team. They all have great attitudes, work hard, and more importantly play hard.

This weekend we won all three of their games in the LWYSA Year End Tournament. They beat the Wind 4-1, the Shooting Stars 3-1, and the Koalas 4-1. Next Saturday morning we play the Cougars (who we beat in the regular season 4-0). If we win that game we play in the first of potentially two championship games on Sunday against whichever team wins the losers bracket.

Last year we made it to the championship games out of the losers bracket after losing our 2nd game of the tournament. We ended up losing to the other team in the first game. I don’t want to count my chickens before they are hatched, but if we win next Saturday the tables will be turned…and it’s entirely likely that the team we lost to last year will rise out of the loser bracket to meet us (the Kickers who won our division this year).

I also coach my Son’s (9 year olds) team, the Dynamo. Tonight we had our year end party. U-9 isn’t eligible for the tournament, but next year as U-10 they will be.

I’ve done a lot of interesting things in my life; the only thing more gratifying than coaching these kids has been bringing up my own. Just absolute joy.

If you have a kid, I encourage you to get involved in youth soccer. It’s a kick.


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    Hola! Thanx for the great comments!!!:) How are ya!!! I went on google to find this and I found it!! I am really really bored!!!!!!!! Bye! Bye!!!

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    I know I’ve been the only one doing feedback but I just can’t get over how much fun this years soccer tourney was! it was awsome! Coach please try and do some sort of spring soccer! Cus it be so cool! Yur the best!

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    Malia, you bet we’ll do something in the Spring! It was a blast coaching you this year.

    Polar Bears Rock!

    -coach kindel

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    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx!!!

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    Hola Senor! I was just wondering if we’re doing jamboree this year? Cuz if we are i’m going to need your help with convbincing my mom! I hope we can do it!!!!!!:)

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