Polar Bears win the Sportsmanship Award!

The Polar Bears won the sportsmanship award for U-11 Girls Division 1 Soccer!!!!

We came out on top, BY A LARGE MARGIN.

But the summary is the Polar Bears got 206 points and the next team got 174 (the Illusion).

As a reward, LWYSA pays for a party at Illusionz.

Even if we don’t win the Tournament, I view this as complete victory. When the season started I told the parents and the girls we had the following goals:

Create an extraordinary, unique, and fun growth experience for our daughters to help them develop into confident, capable young women.

The pillars of what they should take away:

  1. Teamwork
    – goals of the team above their own
    – reward great teamwork above individual play
  2. Sportsmanship
    – how to win
    – how to loose
  3. Friendships
    – camaraderie
    – team building fun
  4. Fitness
    – most physically demanding of any sport these girls have played to date
    – will run 6 miles over the course of a game
    – learn to focus and do their job even when tired
  5. Accomplishment
    – Experience success coming form working hard and smart
    – Confidence that grows out of hard work, overcoming adversity, and ultimately winning competitively.
  6. Soccer ability – skills, knowledge of the game, future opportunities to play at higher levels.

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