Sigh. Ski season is over.

I had planned on this being an epic ski season. I hurt my back in the fall (burst disk S1–L5, bulge in L4–L5) and thankfully avoided surgery. I vowed to get my core in shape so I’d have a great ski season. I busted my butt at the Pro Club…I even did a bunch of cardio.

We went to Colorado over Christmas and I got 9 good days in. Then ONE at Steven’s Pass (where we have season tickets). 3 more (great days) in Colorado.

I usually do a cat skiing trip ( each year to in Revelstoke BC with several friends the last week of Feb. This year we headed to Whistler a few days early…and discovered that our trip to Revelstoke was cancelled due to lack of snow. We made the most of it by skiing a few more days in Whistler (4 total).

And then the trip to Valdez to go heli-skiing with fell into my lap. 4 more days of arguably great skiing (the terrain was epic, the snow was good).

So 21 days total. Not a bad count given the horrible snow season we had here in the NW. But not Epic. I think next year I’m going to be lazy and not bother getting in shape. That way we’ll probably have a great snow season.

Anyway, now it’s time to shift gears. As far as I’m concerned when ski season is over, it’s summer. Don’t get me wrong, I like spring, but as soon as the days start getting longer it’s all a blur to me.

To celebrate this, watch for the banner at the top of my blog to change to something that matches the season…


  1. Steve says:

    An April 1st jaunt to Mt.Baker for doesn’t look so bad today…

  2. Mike Styles says:

    Totally awesome ski experiences await at my blog at

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