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I’m Advising Carv Because It Improves My Skiing

Last Christmas (2019) my daughter gifted me Carv. I fell so in love with the product that I stalked the CEO and begged him to talk to me to see if I could help. I’ve been working with the company since December and last week he asked me to join Carv as a Strategic Advisor. Initially, I assumed Carv was a gimmick. The abbreviated 2019/20 ski season meant I only got 6 days using Carv, …Continue reading

From Servers, Phones, and Voice Assistants to Space…

Last week I joined my good friend  Den Delimarsky and his colleague Courtny Cotten hosted me on The Work Item podcast. “In this episode, we dive a bit deeper into Charlie’s approach to product ideation and design, discuss the importance of having a principled organization, and ask questions about his most recent adventure around space.” Czech it out here (I love that the transcript is available along with the audio): From Servers, Phones, and Voice Assistants to …Continue reading

Friday was my last day at Amazon

The goodbye mail to the Alexa Smart Home team explains it all pretty well: Date: Apr 27, 2018 3:03 PM Subject: Smart Home Org Update Team, With mixed emotions I share the news that Charlie Kindel has decided to leave Amazon. Charlie has accomplished many things in his time here, not the least of which is the founding and scaling of Alexa Smart Home. Alexa would not be the leader in Smart Home that it …Continue reading

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

God did a great job engineering our bodies. But I think he put the B-team on the design of the spine and the knees. I, knock on wood, have not had serious problems with my knees, but my back is another thing altogether. Like many of you I have a bad back. Both the discs at S1/L4 and L4/L5 are budging and/or burst, as you can see from this MRI taken of my back in …Continue reading

Charles E “Ted” Kindel 1925-1990

I was communicating with another branch of the “Kindel Family” as a result of the post I made about the Kindel Furniture Factory fire several weeks ago. As a result I looked through some old files and found a copy of the article that was written about my father’s death in 1990.  Since tomorrow (June 7) is the anniversary of his death, I thought it would be a useful tribute to post the text of …Continue reading

First Ski Day of 2007

Family went skiing for the first time this year tonight at Steven’s Pass. I burst my S1/L5 disc in my back a few months ago and I just had another cortezone epidural injection yesterday. I was feeling close to 100% so I decided a little mellow night skiing with the fam would be a good test of how my recovery is going. 3 runs and my back started talking to me. I called it quits …Continue reading

Sigh. Ski season is over.

I had planned on this being an epic ski season. I hurt my back in the fall (burst disk S1–L5, bulge in L4–L5) and thankfully avoided surgery. I vowed to get my core in shape so I’d have a great ski season. I busted my butt at the Pro Club…I even did a bunch of cardio. We went to Colorado over Christmas and I got 9 good days in. Then ONE at Steven’s Pass (where …Continue reading

Back from Heli-Skiing

What a great trip. We went with There were some technical difficulties (we were grounded for 3 days due to an “incident” having to do with a rotor blade striking a sign), but in the end I got a ton of amazing, very steep, powder skiing in with my good buddy Kevin and saw some of the most beautiful terrain in the world. And I made some new friends. Here’s some more pics. Yes, …Continue reading


I’m currently near Valdez Alaska, heli-skiing in the Chugach mountain range. All I can say is Wow. Two pictures to illustrate. My buddy Kevin took both of these.  

The BEST Pacific Northwest Snow Report Website A great summary of Crystal, Stevens, Mt Baker, Whistler, and Alpental. Works very well from Windows Powered Smartphones and Pocket PCs. I’ve been using this since early last season and it’s just great. Below is a live pic of Steven’s Pass. When I posted this it was snowing…what’s it doing now?

Cat Skiing

Wow. My cat skiing trip was amazing. This was the 6th year I’ve done it and while the conditions were not as good as they had been in the past, the experience was still unbelievable. Now I have the task of updating my Revelstoke web site with all of the pictures (145+) and movies (45+ minutes) we took. I caught a bit of a cold and have been going to bed early so haven’t been …Continue reading

Powder Skiing

This week I’m in Canada on my annual Cat Powder skiing trip. My buddy Erik and I have been doing this (along with a bucnh of other guys) for 6 years. We go to this place called Cat Powder Skiing ( in Revelstoke, BC. It takes us about 8 hours to drive directly from Seattle to Revelstoke, but this year we stopped first at Mt. Baker on Tuesday, and I’m writing this while sitting in …Continue reading