First Ski Day of 2007

Family went skiing for the first time this year tonight at Steven’s Pass. I burst my S1/L5 disc in my back a few months ago and I just had another cortezone epidural injection yesterday. I was feeling close to 100% so I decided a little mellow night skiing with the fam would be a good test of how my recovery is going.

3 runs and my back started talking to me. I called it quits while the kids and my wife continued on. The good news is I had a few Black Butte Porters and I don’t think I actually did any damage to my back… it’s just a bit sore.  We go to Colorado next week, and I think I’ll be able to go at it pretty hard.  I really need to ease into skiing this year (which just kills me!) because I have a heli trip scheduled in Valdez in April (Valdez Heli Ski Guides) with my sister Laurie, her husband Tom, and my pal Kevin Eagan.

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