Powder Skiing

This week I’m in Canada on my annual Cat Powder skiing trip. My buddy Erik and I have been doing this (along with a bucnh of other guys) for 6 years. We go to this place called Cat Powder Skiing (www.catpowder.com/indexcatsi.htm) in Revelstoke, BC.

It takes us about 8 hours to drive directly from Seattle to Revelstoke, but this year we stopped first at Mt. Baker on Tuesday, and I’m writing this while sitting in a restaraunt at the base of Sun Peaks (www.sunpeaksresort.com) using a WiFi Hotspot. My back is hurting a bit so I’m taking it easy…saving it for tomorrow when we have our first of four days of cat skiing.

Cat skiing is a cheaper form of Heli-skiing. Instead of flying in helicopters to the top of remote peaks, you take snow cats. It’s a lot less expensive and snow cats don’t have “hard landings”. Cat Powder in Revelstoke is run by this guy named Clyde Newsome… He runs a great operation and it’s a terriffic value. For about $350 a day you get 10000-12000 feet of vertical deep powder skiing, lodging and food. And that’s CANADIAN dollars! You do the math.

I’ve got a website with pics and movies from our previous trips at http://www.kindel.com/revelstoke. Check out the 2003 movie, it’s pretty good.


  1. Lockie Brown says:

    If you have any freinds that are interested in trying Chatter Creek near Golden in late January, please contact the "Chatter Editor" at the above Web site.

  2. yo yo yo says:

    what iz powder skiing

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