I’m Advising Carv Because It Improves My Skiing

Last Christmas (2019) my daughter gifted me Carv. I fell so in love with the product that I stalked the CEO and begged him to talk to me to see if I could help. I’ve been working with the company since December and last week he asked me to join Carv as a Strategic Advisor.

Initially, I assumed Carv was a gimmick. The abbreviated 2019/20 ski season meant I only got 6 days using Carv, but in that time I was massively impressed. Literally, AS I SKIED, the coaching Carv provided improved my skiing and made me more confident on the slopes.

When the 2020/21 ski season started I discovered the Carv team had been busy improving the product further. Everything was even more refined and the AI-based coaching was clearly more advanced. My ski technique, and thus my confidence, has improved dramatically this season. Using Carv’s own metric, Ski:IQ, my Ski:IQ went from around 120 to a high of 147. And because of the Carv leaderboard I know there are skiers on the planet with scores as high as 167, I’m even more motivated to improve more!

Carv on my boots

The last time I fell so deeply in love with a gadget was when Amazon released the Amazon Kindle. Reading and sking are both activities deeply rooted in my psyche. Just as my parents loved to read, they loved to ski. Just as I grew up in a home full of books, I grew up in a ski area.

I was probably 3 years old when I last had ski instruction. I’ve read many ski books in an attempt to improve my ski technique and I’m always working on it (every turn!). While I’m a pretty good skier, my technique had plateaued and I was pretty self-conscious about it. I’ve actually been considering hiring an instructor!

Like the Kindle, Carv strikes a very personal nerve for me and I’m excited and honored to be able to help the company grow so more people can improve their skiing!

Check out the Carv website for more details on how it works and order a set today.


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