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I like to like things somewhat off the beaten path. But when asked what my favorite movie of all time is, like almost everyone else I know who has even a smidgen of taste, I say “Blade Runner“.

No need for me to wax poetic about how great it is. I mean it has been around for 25 years now, and if you don’t already dig it nothing I say will change your mind.

I was playing a new XBox360 game I can’t mention last night and after I finished I decided to poke around the Live Marketplace. I noticed a video from “Comic-Con” with “Blade Runner” in the title. Turned out it was a Q&A session with Ridley Scott, Sean Young, and other members of the cast & crew discussing Blade Runner: Final Cut, a 5 disc set that will be released this December.

View the trailer here.

Update: More great info on www.thedigitalbits.com.

Update: Ridley Scott interview here.

Wow! How did I miss the news of this earlier?!?  The 5 disc set includes a newly cut version of the movie (“The Final Cut”) with added & extended scenes, added lines, and updated special effects (but no CGI, yay!). Disc 2 includes the original US Theatrical version, the original International Theatrical version, and the Director’s cut from 1993.  Other discs include a 3 hour documentary with tons of alternate shots of scenes, featureless, and the rare “Work Print Version”. 

Amazon has the set on pre-order in DVD, HD-DVD, and Blue-Ray form. I already placed my One-Click order for the HD-DVD version!

Name dropping trivia: Darryl Hannah who plays Pris, and her sister Page, were friends with my sisters. In fact my oldest sister Amy lived with Darryl in Telluride for a while.

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