ǝɯ ʍolloɟ

Every few months I make a renewed effort to do the "social networking" thing. I download the latest tools, poke around, post status updates, read other people’s stuff, and basically try to "live it". 

I’ve been pretty consistent with using Facebook regularly.

Last week I jumped in again and discovered that the tools and the actual "network" are far better than they were last time I tried.  I’m now updating my status on Twitter using a great Windows app called Twhril as well as from my mobile.  You can follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ckindel.

I’ve also discovered Friendfeed.  It does a great job of aggregating all the social network sites out there and providing a unified feed of changes and status updates.  If you want to track my Flickr photos, Google Reader shared items (stuff I find interesting in the blogosphere), tweets (Twitter posts), Facebook updates, blog posts (here and on the Windows Home Server Team Blog), and other random stuff just go here:   http://friendfeed.com/cek.


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