I Love Amazon.com

I’m pretty vocal about products, services, and stores that I love.  I’m just as vocal about those that frustrate me. I’ve had an iPhone 3G since last Thursday and, frankly, I’m frustrated by it. So frustrated that I’m composing a pissy review in my head that I plan on posting here soon. 

But I want to skewer it right, so I’m prepping by posting this rant which is about just how great Amazon.com is. 

Charlie’s Top-Ten list of why Amazon.com rocks:

10. Consistent UI

9.  Always available

8.  Great performance

7.  If I want it, they have it

6.  The reviews are super-useful

5.  DRM-free music

4.  Recommendations actually work

3.  Amazon Prime saves me tons of money and just makes me feel good

2.  The Amazon Kindle has changed my reading life

1.  They give me free money (for example, if you sign up for Prime by clicking here, I get $12 that I can use to buy more junk).

There. How’s that for love? 

Now watch for my post where I rip Apple and the iPhone a new one…


  1. http:// says:

    I totally agreed with you Charlie. The only shop on line store that I trust is Amazon.com.
    I wouldn’t shop anywhere else. They have excellent prices and an awesome Costumer Service.

  2. Keith =) says:

    I LOVE Amazon too.  I only use them online and I hope they beat this “tax” BS the greedy states are attempting.

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