Advising Rebel Space Technologies

Rebel Space Technologies

I’m honored to announce that Rebel Space Technologies has asked me to join them as a Strategic and Technical Advisor.

Satellites need to reliably and efficiently communicate with each other and ground stations in the face of severe spectrum congestion, celestial dynamics (these things and the Earth are always moving relative to each other), and changing mission profiles.

Rebel’s first product is the Rebel Space Radio, which leverages software-defined radio (SDR) technology to allow RF sensors to perform at peak performance in dynamic conditions through data fusion, shared context, and machine learning.

I fell in love with the team, based in Southern California, after being introduced by a mutual friend. The CEO, Carrie, saw the need for Rebel’s products as she drove launch and operations for both the USAF and SpaceX over 20 years. Gabe, the CTO, is insanely smart and has all the expertise required to lead Rebel’s product development.

If you are interested in the booming space industry, you should pay attention to Rebel Space!

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