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When I was a baby my favorite eldest sister nicknamed me “Tigger” because I was bouncy and acting “Tiggerish”. Friends and family have called me “Tigger” or “Tig” ever since. When I started my professional career I figured the goofy nickname wasn’t appropriate, so decided on Charlie. After 30+ years of not loving being called “Charlie”, I’ve decided to reclaim Tigger as my name.

In the earliest days of email, I signed my emails “-tig”. When I started at Microsoft in 1990 and told people my name was Charlie, I changed my signature to “-cek” in honor of my dad who shared my full name (Charles Edward Kindel). I’m now back to signing using “-tig”.

Call me what you want, but know that when I hear Tig or Tigger it reminds me of who I really am.

Now you know the rest of the story.

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  1. (privately)
    Hi Charlie,

    Amazing, my girlfriend at the college also called me Tigger, yes, from Winnie-the-Pooh. She is my wife for the last 40 years now.

    BTW, I’m also deeply interested in the topics which you plan to coach companies. One example: https://eldaruniversity.blogspot.com/2023/07/it9-tom-sawyer-inc-and-why-hierarchical.html (there are other articles on the blog, which could be interesting for you) I would love to quickly chat with you on those topics.

    Just in case, a reminder: I worked under you in Windows Home Server, and when we had a party in your house on the lake, you told me you we cautious about me using kayak 🙂

    Glad to hear from you again!

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