Biases and Fallacies Lead to Smol Thinking

Smol Alta and Freyja

All human beings are prone to cognitive biases and fallacies that influence our thinking and decision-making processes. These biases and fallacies can be sneaky and hard to detect, but it’s important that we are aware of them and try to minimize their impact on our lives. By being mindful of our biases, we can expand our thinking and consider new perspectives and possibilities.

One way to do this is by looking beyond our own planet and considering the vastness of the universe. There is so much we have yet to discover and explore, and by embracing this sense of wonder and curiosity, we can open ourselves up to new possibilities and opportunities.

Think about it: there could be other intelligent life out there, just waiting to be discovered. Or there could be new technologies and resources that we have yet to tap into. The universe is a vast and mysterious place, and the more we learn about it, the more we realize how little we actually know.

In addition to expanding our thinking, it’s also important to be aware of the biases and fallacies that can hold us back. One common bias is confirmation bias, which is the tendency to seek out and pay attention to information that confirms our preexisting beliefs, while ignoring or discounting information that contradicts those beliefs. This bias can prevent us from considering new ideas and perspectives.

Another bias to be aware of is recency bias, which is the tendency to give more weight to recent events and experiences. This can lead us to focus on the here and now and overlook the bigger picture.

Do yourself a favor and read up on the cognitive biases and fallacies all humans (yes, even you) are prone to. Here’s some resources to get started:

If I ruled Humanity, I’d make studying this topic the centerpiece of our education system.

Practice the skill of being aware of common human biases. Doing so is essential to thinking big (and thinking critically) about the universe we live in, and our role in it. It will make you a better person and a better leader.

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