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Congrats to the Seattle Angel Conference and Illumagear!

Yesterday we held the first ever Seattle Angel Conference. At the event, Illumagear, a scrappy Seattle startup with a vision for radically improving construction worker safety took home a check for $100K. By all measures the conference, as Bob Crimmins told me after the event, goes in the “Win Column”.  We had a terrific turnout, selling out the event. The room was full of energy and buzz. The participating companies all kicked-butt in their presentations. …Continue reading

Seattle Angel Conference

The Seattle Angel Conference event will be May 31st. Over the last two months, the investors and the applying companies have been in a due diligence and filtering process. We would like to ask for your help to spread the word about this project and invite you to the event. As I’ve written previously, a primary mission of the Seattle Angel Conference is to help people learn about the Angel investing process by engaging in …Continue reading

Learn Angel Investing in Seattle

It wasn’t long ago that I couldn’t even spell “Angel Investing”. I knew I wanted to get involved in startups.  I wanted to put some of my money to work in a way where I could be ‘close to the action’. But I had not idea where to start. And then I was doing angel investing, but I was just doing it stupidly. If you are like I was I highly recommend you make it …Continue reading

Wanna Invest in the Seattle Startup Community?

Do you love the idea of startups? Do you want the Seattle Startup scene to thrive? Do you want to invest in early stage startups but don’t know how to get started? I’m committed to helping make Seattle a world leader for creating new technology businesses. I’ve jumped in by doing my own angel investing, mentoring and advising, and of course working on my own startup. But as I’ve done this, I can see that …Continue reading