Wanting To Be The Other Guy

Below is a segment from a video interview I did for GLG Research at CES. In it I discuss the friction that exists between OEMs, carriers, and OS providers in the mobile ecosystem, complimenting my previous post “Fragmentation Is Not The End of Android” as well as the one where I explain the challenges Microsoft’s Windows Phone faces.

This video is on GLG’s unfortunately named G+ network.

I’d love to hear your thoughts & comments .


  1. Johnarnold03 says:

    Charlie, can you please share you thoughts on RIM? Specifically, given what we have heard of RIM’s strategy (BB10, HTML5 push, NOC, BBM, integrated provider, security), is it reasonable to believe they might have a unique value proposition in the North American and / or global markets? What must RIM get “right” to be a player in this industry? 

    1. I will try to address this in the next few weeks. 

  2. Walt French says:

    Just a teensy bit ironic that a vid categorized in “Mobile” is not available on my mobile. Despite some couple hundred million smartphones and iPads in the target demographic, and if content management requiring you to pick one — virtually NOBODY in your target using some ancient browser that doesn’t directly support h.264.

    Oh, well. Got what I paid for.

    1. Wow, I had no idea GLG’s videos only worked on desktop. That really is lame. 

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