All of these Operating Systems are Fundamentally the Same

Another video interview I did for GLG Research at CES (another one here). In this one I babble about mobile device OSs and voice a few of my opinions about the current mobile operating system battles.

Near the end (3:15) I talk about the point I care about the most:

Users will start to care less about device operating systems and more about being able to experience services across all of their devices.

I regularly express that I think the future of consumer computing can be represented by the following equation:


A particular device (e.g. a phone) just one small component of the overall consumer experience. The real value, moving forward, will be created by companies that focus on bringing all of the components of these experiences together cohesively.

I owe you all a deeper breakdown of the components of “experiences” and why I think mobile (and mobile OSs) are not as important as many people think. I hope to post more soon.

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  1. Johnarnold03 says:

    Charlie, it is refreshing to hear someone speak about the industry with a credible framework. These posts can not come fast enough!

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