Use of Multiple Calendars in Google Calendar

I don’t personally use Google Calendar but for building MileLogr, I needed some information on how others do. I decided to run a quick online survey to see if I could get some data.

Tweeting this survey to my ~8500 followers on Twitter (I had to beg a few times) resulted in 120 responses over about 24 hours. This is probably not a great representation of the broad Google Calendar user base, but for my purposes it will work great.

I promised my followers I would post the results and here they are:

First, I made the question on whether people use Google Calendar a required question.  Clearly the people who responded use Google Calendar:


One of my biggest questions was whether people used the multiple calendar support in Google Calendar.  They do:


And, I hypothesized that they use it just as I use calendar item categories in Exchange.  For the most part, they do:


Interestingly, from verbatim comments left by respondents, I learned that another reason people use multiple calendars in Google Calendar is to enable sharing calendars with others. Not something I had considered (and not really important for what I’m working on, but interesting anyway).

I also wanted to get a read on what “clients” people used to access Google Calendar. Not surprisingly GMail in the browser dominates, and iOS and Android are very popular. The bias in my twitter following (lots of Microsoft fans) led to a nice spike for Windows Phone 7.



This was not meant to be a scientific study. I’m building a lean startup and need to make quick decisions on what to build and when. I had no data and after spending 10 minutes creating an online survey and bugging my twitter followers I got SOME data…

Enough data to made several decisions and move on.  Clearly these are not ”10%” decisions.

I’ll leave the survey up and check it every once and a while. If a lot of people respond and the data changes significantly I’ll update this post and tweet about it.


  1. Hacker For Hire says:

    Of course you don’t use Google calender.  Why would a Microsoft shill do that?

  2. Kamal says:

    Thanks, this is important for people using Google Calendar as the corporate Calendar.


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