LockerGnome Guest Post on Mobile Fragmentation

Today LockerGnome ran a guest post by yours truly titled “The Fragmentation of Mobile Fragmentation”. This is a follow-on post to my post focused on Android in January, intended to express my opinions on the broader mobile ecosystem.

(Note, as of right now, the post on LockerGnome does not have my byline. They are working on fixing that).

Mobile fragmentation is going to get significantly worse over the next few years. While this fragmentation will be bad for end users in some cases, it will be particularly bad for developers.”
                – Charlie Kindel, LockerGnome, Oct 22, 2012

The TL;DR is:

  • Mobile fragmentation exists across five axes (UI, Device, OS, Marketplace, & Services).
  • Fragmentation along these axes within platforms is bad and getting worse.
  • Fragmentation across platforms is getting even worse.
  • Devs will suffer, but in the end it is really a positive thing because it’s a sign of competition and innovation and proves “Software is Eating the World”.

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