Keeping Tracks of Books I Read

Each January I post a list of books I read during the previous year (one of my favorites this year is @Scalzi’s Redshirts). Even though almost all books I read are via Amazon and Kindle, it is still a total pain in the butt to create those blog posts.

This has me thinking about a potential app idea and I’d love to hear from YOU about how you keep track, document, list, and share the books YOU read.

I’m sure the vast majority of people don’t care to keep track.  But some, like me, do.  If you are one of of those, please let me know in comments below how you do it…and how you’d like to do it.


  1. clee says:

    Goodreads. That’s how.

  2. mamajoan says:

    One word: LibraryThing.

  3. I use Goodreads to keep track of what books I’ve read and when.

  4. I don’t use it as much as some of my friends but is pretty good for sharing what books you read and finding potential new books.

  5. I use goodreads. It’s a great website. It let’s me keep track of books that I hear about and want to read in the future, and I can track all the books I’ve read during the year. I’m sure there’s a ton of features I’m not using, but it’s great for tracking the books I’ve read and what my friends are reading.

  6. MikeFromWa says:

    I’ve been using which will use your wish list for future reading. It will mark books as “read” or “reading” as well as keeping track of highlights/notes you’ve made. It does seem a bit clunky for sharing with others though.

  7. John Ptacek says:

    Definitley Goodreads

  8. benriga says:

    That sounds a lot like what goodreads does. Amazon also did an acquisition in that space with Shelfari but haven’t done much with as of yet. The ideal scenario would be if it were just directly integrated with my kindle. On the desktop I also use Calibre

  9. xdg says:

    I was just thinking about keeping a similar list and pondering how to keep track. My first thought was just write a brief Amazon review for each one and use that to keep track. But given other comments, I’ll check out Goodreads first.

  10. Scott Nelson says:

    My problem is remembering to go to GoodReads and marking a book read. I recently got the GoodReads app, so hopefully that will help.

  11. Mike Houser says:

    I’ve been using Delicious for book tracking since 2006. I like the tagging and can leave a mini review when I save the book mark.

  12. Rich Ragan says:

    ItemShelf iOS app for me

  13. Geoff Coupe says:

    Another vote for LibraryThing

  14. Ben Barber says: is what my friends, family and I use to track our read, reading, and to-read lists. The social elements are actually helpful and encourage me to read considerably more, the website and iPhone app are decent, and it has a developer API (which I haven’t tried:

    They are VC-backed, and good enough and large enough to be a potential acquisition target, which makes me a bit nervous as a user. But it’s likely that advertising and referrals are a stable revenue stream for them.

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