If This Looks like This in 3 Weeks, We’ll Know The Answer

This is the VerizonWireless Smartphone device page as of today.

This is the “Featured” view, which means Verizon decides what devices appear at the top of the page.


In about three weeks, if there aren’t a few Live Tiles a the top of the page then the canary is dead.


  1. Bob says:

    The manufacturers may have shot the canary before it even gets into the mine. I’m really disappointed that the Lumia 920 doesn’t have an SD/micro-SD slot so I can also dispose of my ancient MP3 player along with my present cell phone. I’m not sure any of the top tier W8 phones have such a slot and I’m not about to burn up my data plan streaming music.

  2. Looks like something has happened: http://macgyver.fi/images/hoqw.png

  3. marcel says:

    Canary still tweeting today. WP8 Phones are third and fourth, even before the first Apple device…

    1. Info Dave says:

      Interesting observation, marcel. It appears to me like Verizon has changed the way it presents its data. What do you want to bet that Microsoft paid for the 3-4 positions?

  4. actech says:

    Nearly 5 months later and its looking ok on this Verizion page. Not as good as when Marcel checked it though, a few BB’s and Driods at the top. 4 out of 16 ain’t too bad.

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